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PTS Courses

PTS Courses

We run a range of PTS courses from 2 Day PTS includes PPE & Drugs & Alcohol Medical to PTS Rail 12 Day Track Induction Course as listed below.

If you are interested in a specific PTS course not listed below, feel free to contact us.

  • 2 Day PTS includes PPE and Drugs and Alcohol Medical

  • 10/12 Days PTS includes PPE and Drugs and Alcohol Medical

  • PTS Rail 2 Day Track Induction Course

    • Session Description Date
      Pre-Attendance Requirement – Medical Paperwork Questionnaire
      – Primary Sponsor Paperwork Questionnaire
      To complete prior on a laptop/mobile device to attending the course
      Pre-Attendance Requirement – PTS Drug Test – Urine Sample
      – PTS Alcohol Test – Breathalyser Sample
      – PTS Medical Examination
      Arranged with Candidate when Booked
      Pre-Attendance Requirement – PTS E-Learning online Module and Assessment To complete prior on a laptop/mobile device to attending the course

      Week 1

      Day 1 – PTS Verification Assessment *
      – Personal Responsibility
      – Emergency Situations
      – Communication Clearly and Emergency Phone Calls
      – COSS/SWL Briefing
      – Track Visit and Practical Assessment
      – Knowledge Assessment *
      Day 2 – Electrical Power Transmission
      – DC Conductor Rail Power Distribution
      – Electrical Control Rooms
      – DC Conductor Rail and Components Danger
      – Transiting Tools and Equipment
      – Crossing the Line
      – Application of Equipment
      – Working in DC Isolations
      – Incidents, Worksafe Procedure and Incident Response
      – Practical Assessment **
      – Knowledge Assessment **

      *If candidate fails this course element – will not be able to continue with the course.
      **If candidate fails this course element – is able to continue with the training but will not achieve the qualification for this course element.

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  • PTS Rail 12 Day Track Induction Course

    • Duration: 10/12 Days
      Number of delegates: Up to 12
      Package Includes: Drug & Alcohol Test + Medical

      Want a career in Rail? You’re in the right place!
      By the end of the 2 weeks, you can be trained and rail-ready as a fully certified Trackman/woman. Your training is in preparation to carry out work which may involve the maintenance, inspection or renewal of the track, plus other duties that may affect the stability, position or integrity of the track infrastructure. We are in partnership with a leading provider of the 10 Day PTS course at their training centre in London.

      At the end of the course the candidate will:
      Understand the rules and regulations that are in force for personal safety which need to be observed when working ‘On or Near the Line’ on the Railway Infrastructure.

      Course designed for:
      All personnel who require ‘Personal Track Safety’ Certification to enable them to correctly determine
      their responsibilities and duties when working ‘On or Near the Line’ on the Railway Infrastructure.

      Course content:
      • Getting to know the infrastructure
      • Are you fit for work?
      • The Sentinel schemes
      • Going onto the Railway
      • Walking in a group and working
      • During the work
      • Communication clearly
      • Emergency situations
      • Track visit and assessment

      Course Timetable/ Agenda
      • Session 1: Welcome and Introduction
      • Session 2: Company Induction
      • Session 3:  Personal Track Safety Course
      • Session 4: Emergency First Aid
      • Session 5: Basic Fire Awareness
      • Session 6: Manual Handling
      • Session 7: Introduction to the Infrastructure
      • Session 8: Ballast, Formation & Drainage
      • Session 9: Track Construction & Components
      • Session 10: Track Geometry
      • Session 11: Tools and Equipment
      • Session 12: Track Maintenance
      • Session 13: Mechanised Maintenance
      • Session 14: Off – Track & Vegetation
      • Session 15: Extremes of Weather
      • Session 16: Practical Assessment

      Learning approach:
      Classroom based instruction, site visit at a suitable location followed by on site practical and theory assessments.

      Course pre-requisites:
      Candidates must meet current medical and Drugs & Alcohol requirements.
      Sponsorship from a Network Rail Authorised and Link-up approved supplier is also a requirement.
      Minimum age for holding PTS Certification is 16 Years.

      Equipment requirements:
      Approved safety footwear is required for the Track Visit.
      Approved orange high visibility clothing and blue safety helmet can be provided.

      Documentation requirements:
      Evidence of meeting the Medical and Alcohol & Drug requirements, valid certificates must be produced prior to the commencement of the first day of training.
      Passport sized photograph will be taken on the 1st day of training by the trainer.
      Secondary photographic proof of identity e.g., new style driving license, passport, company I.D. card etc.

      Competence shall be re-assessed at least every 24 months.

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Note: * Denotes coming soon
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